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The Second Half Map Process

We realize everyone facing retirement is at a different point on the path. Whether you have some ideas roughed out or are not really sure where to begin, your journey is unique so your plan should be unique.

We work with individuals, couples and groups near or in retirement. Each Second Half Map includes discovery, design and an action plan to guide you toward making choices aligned with what is most important to you.

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Before we begin any Second Half Map project, we want to understand your transition needs. Together we can choose the planning solution that is the right fit for you. Just click the Schedule A Chat button below to connect with us by email, a call or meet in person.

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Coach Guided Plan Icon

Coach Guided Plan

This is our fully-guided Second Half Map plan. You'll have a personal coach guiding you through six mapping sessions that result in your unique plan with specific goals and actions. A one-on-one approach is a great option for those who are not sure where to begin their journey. We work closely with both individuals and couples to rediscover, envision and develop a plan you can implement now.

What's included:

  • Six 1-on-1 coach-led planning sessions
  • Program guide with step-by-step instructions
  • Interactive tools with goals and a timeline
  • Personalized Second Half Map plan
  • Follow-up coaching session in 6 months
Self Directed Plan Icon

D.I.Y. Self-Directed Plan

Are you someone who prefers a do-it-yourself approach? If so, this Second Half Map plan is a great option for you. You may already have some ideas about the future or you are retired now and want to refresh your priorities and plan. You can continue your planning at your own pace with our self-directed option. We'll provide a self-directed workbook with exercises and planning tools that guide you to goals and actions for your second half chapter. We'll also support you with coach guidance at the beginning, middle and end of this program.

Second Half Map Self-Directed Plans

D.I.Y. Planning for Individuals

This planning option is for pre or post retirees who want to just focus on their own individual second half priorities and planning. Work at your pace to discover your personal second half path and create a plan to get there.

D.I.Y. Planning for Couples

In this program, you'll work individually and as a couple to discover themes and discuss your second half plan together. Workbooks will guide you through exercises, discussions, goals and actions that help you understand and express what is important to you as you approach your second half season.

These programs are a great choice for individuals and couples who

  • Have not yet retired or are close to retirement and want to get your planning started
  • Are currently retired and want to refresh your second half season
  • Have done some initial retirement life planning
  • Prefer to reflect and plan at your own pace
  • Desire coaching along the way for guidance and motivation to complete your plan
  • Are self-motivated to complete the planning exercises and take action toward your future
  • Are a couple who wants to discuss and plan together, while also focusing on your own individual plans

What's Included

  • Session 1: 90-minute coach-led introduction and review of planning exercises and resources
  • Session 2: 60-minute mid-point check in with coach within 45 days of program start
  • Session 3: 90-minute coach-led final summary session with goals, actions and a timeline plan
  • SHM D.I.Y. Planning Guide Workbook with exercises, planning worksheets and tools to work at your pace
What's Next Bootcamp Icon

What's Next Bootcamp

Want an easy way to get started on your What's Next plan? What's Next Bootcamp is a kick start to your retirement Life planning. This is a great way to get focused and start planning a second half chapter that is intentional and meaningful.

Whether you are just thinking about this next season or have already retired, What's Next Bootcamp will move you into action to align where you are today with what you want for tomorrow. More importantly, you'll walk away with a great start to your unique Second Half Map!

This resource-filled live webinar will assess your readiness for retirement wherever you are on your journey. You'll identify specific areas to focus on now that will set you up for a successful second half chapter – one that includes your "whole" life.

This webinar is a great choice for you if

  • You're still working and want to retire in the next 1-5 years
  • You've retired and want to continue or reboot your planning and goals
  • You want to get motivated and focused to plan thoughtfully about your Second Half
  • You're a couple who want tools to retire well together
  • You want to live with reward, not regret in your second half!

What's included

  • 60-minutes of dedicated focus on your What's Next season
  • Coaching from a certified retirement planning coach
  • Retirement Readiness Assessment for your Whole life
  • No Regrets Planning Guide for notes and mapping next steps
  • Goals and actions to support your retirement lifestyle planning
  • REAL talk about a REALLY important time of your life you should not ignore!

I have already used my Second Half Map to take certain actions and make some changes that move me closer to achieving the relaxing, enjoyable, and purpose-driven retirement that Jennifer helped me articulate.



What will you DO? Where will you GO? Who will you BE?

Plus, get ongoing Tips, Tools & Checklists for navigating an extraordinary Second Half!
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